When you’re deciding what type of treatment you’ll get for substance abuse, you have a lot of different options to look at. One of these is luxury rehab, and it could be just what you need to have a more comfortable, enjoyable rehab experience.

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of addiction treatment and luxury rehab to help you learn whether or not it’s right for your recovery plan. Keep reading to learn more.

What is luxury rehab?

Luxury rehab is a step above traditional rehab. It gives you the chance to work on overcoming your drug dependency in a more comfortable, personalized setting.

This can make the entire rehab process easier for you to get through. Depending on where you go, you may also get to enjoy additional styles of treatment during rehab that can help you get more out of the time that you devote to overcoming your addiction.

Is luxury rehab more effective than standard rehab?

Luxury rehab isn’t inherently more effective than standard rehab. Both forms of care are designed to provide you with the support that you need to beat your addiction. So the main type of support that you receive will be the same whether you choose a luxury rehab or not.

The differences really exist outside the core therapy and group therapy that you get from rehab. With a standard rehab program, that therapy may be the only type of support that you get.

But in a luxury program, you may get access to many additional types of treatment, including:

  • Working with a nutritionist
  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Special outdoor activities
  • More opportunities to work with addiction specialists and healers

These add-on features can make luxury rehab more effective for some people than standard rehab. Plus, you’ll get to do all of this in a more comfortable setting when you opt for a luxury rehab program. And if you’re more comfortable while receiving treatment, that could help you focus more on it and get more out of it.

Will my insurance cover luxury rehab?

Your insurance plan may or may not cover the costs of luxury rehab. It’ll really come down to whether the luxury rehab center is in your network or not.

That being said, even if the luxury rehab facility isn’t in your network, you’ll likely still get some coverage for it. You may just have to pay a greater portion of the overall costs out-of-pocket.

Zoe Behavioral Health can help you get started with luxury rehab in Lake Forest, Orange County, California

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