Recovery services in Orange, California, can help you heal from the substance abuse or mental health challenges you’ve been experiencing. At Zoe, we offer personalized care plans that are built around your unique needs.

With holistic treatment options and a community-first environment, we’re confident that we can help you turn the page on your addiction and take the first step toward a brighter tomorrow.

Keep reading to learn more about the recovery options that are available to you in Orange.

Why recover in Orange, CA?

The first question you may have is why recover in Orange when I can recover anywhere. Orange and Southern California in general offer a few distinct advantages for substance abuse treatment over other locations.

First, Southern California is a beautiful area where people from all walks of life love to live. This helps us attract some of the most talented and experienced addiction specialists in the country. You’ll get to work with these leading recovery minds on a daily basis, which can enhance your treatment in numerous ways.

Also, Zoe takes full advantage of its scenic location. We offer holistic healing treatments like outdoor therapy, hikes through nature, and even beach walks. These help to align the body and spirit behind your recovery journey, and can also improve the progress you make.

What types of treatment are available in Orange?

At Zoe, we offer a wide variety of substance abuse and mental health treatment options near Orange, CA. Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular choices.


Detox is when the body adjusts to functioning without the substance that you’ve been abusing. It’s a time when withdrawals and cravings are often at their worst. That’s why it’s better to complete your detox in a medical facility instead of on your own.

When you detox at our facility, we take care of all of your daily living needs for you so that you can focus on remaining comfortable and healing. We’ll also provide constant medical supervision to ensure that you receive immediate care if you need it.


After detox, you can continue your treatment at our residential rehab facility. With comfortable rooms and pet-friendly options, we make it easy to find a plan that’s perfect for your preferences and goals.

Inpatient treatment typically lasts 30 days and you’ll live in our facility full-time throughout this process.


Outpatient care is an alternative to inpatient treatment. With this option, you spend your days at our treatment center receiving care, but you’re able to go home at night and sleep in your own bed.

This can be a more comfortable and convenient treatment option. But it also leaves the door open for relapse since you’ll be on your own at night. This is why we typically only recommend choosing an outpatient program if you have a strong supportive network at home.


Once your inpatient or outpatient program is complete, we’ll help you transition your recovery out into the real world with an aftercare plan. This may involve moving into our sober living facility. Or you may only need to continue working with a therapist and participating in group sessions while living at home.

Mental Health

We also offer a variety of mental health services. These are available as a standalone treatment option and as part of a broader dual-diagnosis plan that treats substance abuse and your mental health challenges at the same time.

Questions to ask yourself before pursuing treatment

Pursuing substance abuse treatment is the first step towards regaining control over your life. But if you want to give yourself the best chance of succeeding, it’s important to think carefully about your treatment preferences and goals before beginning.

With that in mind, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before starting treatment.

What’s my home situation like?

Your home situation is one of the main factors that will determine whether outpatient support is an option for you.

If you’re surrounded by family members who help you maintain your sobriety, then outpatient treatment may be a viable option. But if you live in a setting that contributes to your mental health or substance abuse issues, then removing yourself completely from that setting with an inpatient plan may be the better option.

How will I pay for treatment?

It’s also worth considering how you’re going to pay for treatment before committing yourself to a long-term recovery plan. There’s a good chance insurance will cover some of the costs of care, but your plan may only provide that coverage for facilities that are in your network.

Zoe’s addiction specialists are available to help you verify your insurance for free if you want to know how much of your treatment with us it will cover.

Do I need a specialized form of care?

You may also want to think about whether there’s a specialized type of support you want, which could impact your care selection.

Options like couples rehab and pet-friendly residential treatment are available, and it’s worth thinking about whether one of these is the right option for you before starting your treatment with us.

What does my ideal treatment plan look like?

Finally, try to imagine what a perfect treatment plan would look like. What types of care would you receive? How long would it last? What features would you really love to see your care team offer?

Zoe offers a ton of unique treatments and features that may correspond to your ideal plan. At the very least, it’s worth taking a moment to get clear about what you want so that we can do our best to provide it for you through a comprehensive treatment plan in Orange.

Zoe Can Help You Heal in Orange, California

The addiction specialists at Zoe are standing by to talk you through your options for care in Orange, California, at no cost to you.

So why wait? Take the first step towards your recovery by reaching out for a confidential consultation with one of our experts today. We look forward to hearing from you.