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Non-12 Step Rehab & Recovery Lake Forest Orange County CA

Non-12 Step Rehab & Recovery Options to Meet Your Needs

Picking the right addiction treatment as well as addiction recovery plan is an essential part of the process of healing from substance abuse. While there are many different options to choose from, many rehab programs end up using the same treatments as one another. 12-step work is one of the best examples of this phenomenon.

Non 12-step Rehab programs, like ours in Lake Forest CA, has exploded in popularity in recent years. However, that doesn’t mean non 12 step drug rehabs programs are a good fit for every individual who is recovering from substance abuse. If you’re interested in finding smart recovery services for non 12 step alcohol rehabs programs that don’t utilize the 12-step philosophy, then you’ve come to the right place.

Zoe Behavioral Health provides high-quality non-12 step rehab to patients at every point in the recovery process. Keep reading to learn more about how you can benefit from this non twelve step rehab feature of our care programs.

Non 12-step Recovery & Rehab Lake Forest Ca

12-Step recovery was first developed in the 1930s through the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group. Since then, the model used by AA has been turned into a standard that’s been replicated by a number of other 12-step recovery groups. For example, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and even Debtors Anonymous all use the same principles that were first used in AA.

12-Step recovery programs are named for the 12 steps that they base their philosophy on. Some of the most important of these steps ask participants to:

  • Admit they are powerless over the substance they’ve been abusing
  • Believe that a power greater than themselves could restore them to sanity
  • Make a decision to turn their will and their life over to the care of God as the person understands him

These programs are also characterized by regular group meetings. These provide the opportunity to connect with other recovering individuals and to learn from their experiences. Additionally, people who have been successful with their drug or alcohol addiction recovery for the longest often choose to become sponsors of newer members of the program.

Non 12-Step Rehab & Recovery in Lake Forest & Orange County California

There are approximately 2 million people across the world who participate in AA. The popularity of 12-step work can be attributed to a few different things. For example, many participants enjoy the program’s focus on helping others. This can help to shift an individual’s focus away from themselves and build their self-esteem.

12-Step programs also view addiction as a disease with both spiritual and physical dimensions. Participants are asked to admit they can’t control their addiction and to turn it over to their higher power. This element of spirituality can be a big help to some individuals who are recovering from substance abuse.

There are other benefits of 12-step work too. These include:

  • The ability to learn from other recovering individuals
  • The chance to participate in group meetings without having to pay anything
  • The opportunity to serve as a positive example to others who are in a similar place

When is Non-12 Step Recovery a Better Option?

12-step programs are clearly popular. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re the best option for your dual diagnosis treatment needs. In fact, there’s a growing body of substance abuse specialists who believe that there are better ways to treat substance abuse. There are a few key reasons for this.

First, 12-step programs follow a philosophy that says the individual is powerless over their addiction recovery. Non-12 step programs say the opposite. They actually emphasize the individual’s ability to become self-reliant and to control their addiction. This shift in approach can be a much better option for some people who are recovering from substance drug abuse.

Next, 12-step programs base their philosophy around the idea of God or a higher power. This can be a turn off for individuals who don’t believe in that concept of a higher power. That’s why non-12 step programs are typically non-secular. This means that they can be a better fit for individuals who are atheist or agnostic.

How Does Non-12 Step Recovery at Zoe Behavioral Health Work?

At Zoe Behavioral Health, we follow the non-12 step treatment programs approach in Lake Forest CA. We do follow non twelve step treatment programs because we believe that every individual is capable of overcoming their addiction and to ensure that our groups are inclusive to the needs of all.

While we don’t follow the 12-step recovery model, we do still host regular group meetings. These will allow you to benefit from peer support, much in the same way that you would be able to from a typical 12-step program meeting. Having access to this type of assistance could be just what you need to turn the corner on your addiction recovery.

We also take advantage of our beautiful location in Southern California. We do so by regularly leading group meetings that take place outside. This allows you to enjoy the beautiful fresh air and sunshine of Southern California while you work on your health. You’d be hard-pressed to find a 12-step program that meets in a location this beautiful.

If you sign up for a non-12 step rehab program with us, then you’ll also get to benefit from our holistic healing offerings. For example, we have yoga classes that take place daily, which you can participate in to calm your mind and improve your physical health. At our Non 12 Step Rehab centers in California, we also have an on-site nutritionist who you can work with to find the right diet for your recovery needs.

Call Today to Get Started

Despite their popularity, 12-step programs aren’t for everyone. Whether you don’t believe in a higher power or don’t like the idea that you’re powerless over your addiction, an alternative approach could be a better way to support your recovery. That’s exactly what we’re offering at Zoe Behavioral Health.

Our non-12 step recovery programs in Lake Forest have been carefully designed to support the needs of every patient. They feature many of the same benefits of 12-step work but without the dogma that’s usually attached to them. Having access to this kind of support could be just what you need to take the next step towards your recovery goals.

If you’d like to learn more about the non-12 step rehab centers in Orange County CA available at Zoe Behavioral Health, give us a call. Our experts are standing by to tell you more about your options and to make personalized recommendations based on your needs. You can reach us at (949) 309-2227.


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