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Medication Assisted Treatment Lake Forest, Orange County Ca

Zoe Health Provides High-Quality Medication-Assisted Drug Treatment Lake Forest CA

Recovering from substance abuse and addiction treatment is a process that’s full of challenges. Many of these stem from the fact that patients who quit using these harmful substances tend to experience a period of intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms. But what if you could make these easier on yourself?

That’s exactly what’s offered by medication-assisted treatment (MAT) at Zoe Behavioral Health. MAT can help to reduce a patient’s cravings and withdrawal symptoms to make the entire process of quitting an addictive substance easier. Keep reading to learn more about how it can help you.

Mediaction Assisted Treatment: What is MAT?

Medication-assisted treatment is a type of rehab that’s distinguishable from all others. Essentially, it refers to a treatment plan in which patients are given certain carefully-chosen medications to ease their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It’s most commonly recommended for individuals who are recovering from either an addiction to heroin or one to prescription painkillers.

MAT programs can be either inpatient or outpatient. However, if you choose an outpatient MAT program, you should expect to visit your treatment center often to pick up the medication that you’ve been prescribed. Most doctors won’t allow newly-recovering individuals to bring home their prescription with them for fear of abuse.

How Does MAT Support Patients?

Medication-assisted treatment helps patients in several key ways. These all stem from the fact that MAT has been proven as an effective way to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This can have a profound impact on a patient’s overall recovery.

For example, a patient who experiences fewer cravings is far less likely to relapse than one who experiences a normal amount of cravings. Similarly, the detox process can be one of the most challenging phases of the recovery process. This is, in large part, because of how uncomfortable and even downright painful withdrawal symptoms can be. MAT can reduce these symptoms, making the detox process easier, and thereby making it easier for a patient to stick with their recovery plan.

These features make a medication-assisted treatment plan a good option for many individuals. If you’re unsure about whether an MAT plan would be a good choice for your recovery, consider reaching out to Zoe Behavioral Health directly at (949) 309-2227. Zoe Medication-Assisted Drug Treatment in Lake Forest CA will be happy to guide you towards the right option for your unique needs.

What Medications are Used for MAT?

The specific medications that are prescribed in an MAT plan will depend on where you seek treatment and what substance you’re recovering from. For example, medications like acamprosate, disulfiram, and naltrexone are sometimes prescribed for alcohol use disorder. However, buprenorphine, methadone, naltrexone, and suboxone are used to treat opioid dependency.

Some treatment centers will prioritize the use of one of these medications over the others. However, all have been proven to be safe enough for regular use and effective enough to make a real difference in the substance abuse recovery process. For that reason, an MAT program that uses any of these medications can be an effective addition to your recovery.

Does MAT Just Create New Addictions?

Some people worry about starting a new medication as they transition to a substance-free life. They wonder if what they’re really doing is swapping one addiction for another. However, this is a common misconception about MAT programs.

Patients can form dependencies on the medications they’re prescribed during an MAT. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re actually addicted to these medications. Rather, the kind of dependency that can be created during this type of treatment is akin to how you might feel towards your morning cup of coffee.

Ultimately, the medications that are commonly prescribed during MAT programs are much preferable to substances like heroin and prescription painkillers. These medications can be tapered down as time goes on and won’t cause you to act irrationally in the same way that illicit substances would. This means that MAT programs are completely safe and a good option for many patients who are recovering from substance abuse.

How Long Does an MAT Program Last?

The length of an MAT plan will depend on the patient’s needs above all else. Studies have found that it is safe for patients to take the medications prescribed as part of MAT for months, years, or even a lifetime. This means that there’s no rush for you to get off of them — especially if taking the medication is helping you succeed with your recovery goals.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to continue with the other parts of your treatment plan for the rest of your life. Instead, you can continue taking the medication you’re prescribed for as long as necessary. You may start with intensive therapy and counseling sessions and then gradually transition into a less intensive schedule. Ultimately, the exact length of your plan will depend on you.

How Does MAT at Zoe Behavioral Health Work?

At Zoe Behavioral Health, we take pride in offering the highest quality MAT programs in the Southern California area. To accomplish this, we customize the treatment that we provide to each of our patients. This means that we’ll take your unique needs into consideration before recommending a specific MAT program to you.

Additionally, our MAT plans offer more than just medication. They also feature intensive therapy and counseling. Our Medication-Assisted Drug Treatment in Lake Forest CA gives you the chance to discover the root of your addiction and to develop new strategies for dealing with it in the real world. They’re an essential part of your recovery, which is why we prioritize them in each of our MAT plans.

Even better, Zoe Behavioral Health also offers regular opportunities for outdoor therapy and group activities. These include yoga classes, beach walks, hikes, and more. They allow you to enjoy our beautiful location in Southern California while still getting the substance abuse recovery support that you need.

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Do you think that you would benefit from MAT? If so, consider reaching out to Zoe Behavioral Health today. Our experts are standing by to answer your questions and to help you take the first step towards your recovery goals. You can get started today by calling us at (949) 309-2227.

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