If you’ve been dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then getting treatment is an important part of beating it. But it can be difficult to know which style of substance abuse care is right for you.

If you’re in a relationship, one option that you may want to look into is couples rehab. It gives you the chance to heal alongside your partner, which could help you get more out of your recovery journey.

Below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about couples rehab in Lake Forest, Orange County, California.

What is couples rehab, exactly?

Couples rehab is very similar to a standard rehab program. The only major difference is that you get to go through the process with your partner instead of having to do it on your own.

This can be a good option for couples who deal with drug and alcohol problems together. During couples rehab, you can get the joint support that you need to build a healthier relationship with your loved one.

What happens in this treatment program

This style of treatment is like others in that it will give you the opportunity to work individually with a therapist who specializes in addiction. They can help you explore the root causes of your addiction problems and look at how your relationship with your partner contributes to those problems.

You’ll also get to participate in therapy sessions with your partner. These will give you the chance to work on developing healthier ways of coping with the hard parts of life.

Beyond that, you may also get to participate in things like larger group meetings and holistic healing activities like nature hikes and beach walks. The specifics will depend on the exact treatment program that you choose.

Should I go to couples rehab?

Couples rehab is an excellent treatment option for anyone who is in a relationship with someone who also struggles with addiction problems. It’ll give you the chance to work together to beat your addictions instead of each of you having to struggle through this process alone.

Couples rehab is also a great opportunity to grow closer with your partner. And the skills that you work on together could help you build a stronger relationship that can last through the difficulties of beating your addictions.

Getting started with couples rehab is easier with Zoe Behavioral Health

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