If you’ve been dealing with an alcohol addiction, then the first step towards undergoing an alcohol addiction treatment process is completing an alcohol detox. Everybody has to complete this regardless of how severe their alcoholism has been.

But if you’re not familiar with this process, it can feel overwhelming and scary. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the process of alcohol addiction recovery. Keep reading to learn everything that you need to know about alcohol detox in Lake Forest, California.

What is alcohol detox?

Alcohol detox is the process that your body goes through while it adjusts to no longer receiving regular doses of alcohol. It’s the first step towards substance abuse recovery and beginning an alcohol addiction treatment program. During this recovery journey, your body will eliminate all traces of alcohol from your system.

During this process, you might experience withdrawal symptoms as your body adjusts to functioning without alcohol. These symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on the severity of your addiction. They may include nausea, anxiety, tremors, and even seizures.

This happens because when you abuse alcohol, the body starts to become reliant on it. Therefore, it makes sense that your body also has to go through an adjustment period when you quit using alcohol.

When these withdrawal symptoms start, it can be painful and even life-threatening. That’s why it is essential to undergo detox under medical supervision inside a drug and alcohol rehab center.

Attempting to detox alone from alcohol substance use disorder without proper care can be dangerous. It can also lead to alcohol/drug relapse wherein the person may resume drinking to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

Do I really need to complete alcohol detox inside treatment centers?

You may feel like you can get through alcohol detox at home on your own. How hard can it be to stop drinking, right? Do I really need to be inside rehab for detoxification? However, the truth is that detoxing from alcohol can have serious consequences and should not be attempted alone.

For starters, it’s a lot easier to relapse when you try to complete alcohol detox at home. You will be free to go and grab a drink anytime you want. And it’ll be pretty hard to ignore this impulse when you’re experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Additionally, some of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. You want to make sure that you have a professional watching over you who can respond to those symptoms if any occur during your detox process.

You’ll likely be a lot more comfortable if you complete your detox in a professional setting. Alcohol detox facilities are carefully designed to make the detox process as comfortable as possible. There are support staff and doctors on hand to help you with any symptoms or discomfort.

This can ensure that your recovery process starts off on the right foot and give you a higher chance of long-term recovery. By completing alcohol detox in a treatment center, you are setting yourself up for success and giving yourself the best chance to overcome your addiction.

Being inside a treatment facility also allows you to take advantage of expert and holistic substance abuse treatment programs. Recovery from alcohol does not stop after detox. An inpatient treatment center will offer a range of therapies and activities to help you address the root causes of addiction, learn coping strategies, and improve your overall physical and mental health.

These alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs may include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, art or music therapy, yoga or meditation classes, and more. By taking part in these programs while inside a treatment facility, you are allowing yourself to heal and grow in a safe and supportive environment.

How long does alcohol detox in an alcohol and drug rehab last?

A common question about alcohol detox programs in treatment centers is how long it lasts. The duration can vary based on several factors, such as the individual’s level of alcohol dependence, overall health, and how long they have been drinking. These variables make it hard to provide an exact timeline.

Typically, alcohol detox takes around 72 hours. Symptoms usually start about 6 hours after your last drink and peak within 18 to 24 hours. However, in some cases, mild symptoms can persist for weeks. It’s crucial to undergo detox under medical supervision to manage these symptoms safely and effectively.

Additionally, if you are struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s recommended that you complete an inpatient treatment alcohol rehab program after detox to increase your chances of successful recovery. This can last anywhere from 30 days to several months inside drug rehab centers, depending on your specific needs and progress.

Best alcohol detox Orange County, California for alcohol and drug addiction

Are you ready to detox from alcohol? At our addiction treatment center in Lake Forest, California, we offer different treatment options to help you recover from substance abuse including alcohol and drug detox, residential treatment, outpatient programs, dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders, and treatment for mental health conditions.

Reach out to an addiction specialist at Zoe Behavioral Health. Our treatment team at our Lake Forest drug and alcohol rehab centers can tell you more about our personalized alcohol detox plans and guide you in the right direction. They can also verify your insurance provider and help you decide which type of detox is best for your situation.