Families are what life is all about. But maintaining a strong family dynamic isn’t always easy. If your family is struggling with an important issue, then it could be time to start going to family therapy.

In this article, we’ll tell you what family therapy is, who can benefit from it, and what your sessions with a family therapist could be like. So keep reading to learn whether this form of treatment is right for your family.

What is family therapy?

As the name suggests, family therapy is a type of therapy that you go to with your whole immediate family. The goal of this treatment is to help families resolve conflicts and improve their communication skills.

Unlike many other types of therapy, this form of it is usually short-term and intended to help a family resolve a specific issue or work towards a certain goal, such as making an important decision.

What happens during family therapy?

During your family therapy sessions, you’ll meet with a licensed therapist who specializes in family matters. Each member of your family will get the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings surrounding whatever is going on in your life at the moment.

The therapist will listen to what you all have to say and will help you communicate together in a way that is productive. They may offer pointed recommendations during certain parts of the session to help you all make progress towards the goal that you have.

But, ultimately, what your sessions with a family therapist look like will depend on your family and its needs. This is a personalized form of treatment that can vary based on the unique factors surrounding your family’s decision to pursue therapy together.

Who needs family therapy?

Family therapy can be a very healthy experience for families that are dealing with lots of different issues. It could be right for yours if:

  • Someone in your immediate family is dealing with substance abuse issues
  • You’re having a tough time making an important decision together, such as moving to a new city
  • Your family has been having difficulty communicating about important issues and it’s starting to negatively impact your lives
  • You’d like to bring your family closer together than it currently is and want to resolve the reasons why that hasn’t happened yet

Zoe Behavioral Health makes it easy to start family therapy near Lake Forest, Orange County, California

Do you think that your family would benefit from working with a therapist? If so, you should consider reaching out to Zoe Behavioral Health.

Our specialists can listen to your goals and preferences, then recommend a personalized family therapy treatment plan based on those. They can also verify your insurance and set you up with a therapist who is an excellent fit for your unique situation.

So if you’re serious about resolving an important issue in your family life or you’d just like to bring you all closer together, family therapy could be just what you need.

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