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Did you know that almost 85% of people across the world struggle with low self-esteem? Mike was one of them. He had feelings of not belonging anywhere and began to use cocaine and alcohol to cope. This quickly turned into an addiction, and he realized that he needed alcohol & drug rehab in Orange County to get better.

This is his story. We’ll walk you through how “Mike”, whose name is changed for confidentiality, found a drug & alcohol rehab center in Orange County, the different kinds of treatment he got, and even the challenges he went through to come out a better man on the other side. Keep reading to learn more.

Mike’s Story

Mike was a successful businessman in Orange County, California. He had everything he could ever want, including a beautiful wife, a luxurious home, and a high-paying job. However, despite all his material possessions, Mike felt unfulfilled. He started to turn to alcohol and cocaine to cope with the stress of his job and the emptiness he felt inside.

Before long, Mike was drinking heavily and using coke every day. He started to miss important meetings and his performance at work suffered. His wife became concerned about his drug and alcohol use and begged him to get help, but Mike refused to listen. He was convinced that alcohol and coke were the only things that made him happy.

One day, Mike hit rock bottom. He got drunk and high and lost his job. He realized that he needed to change his life or risk losing everything. He made the difficult decision to go to an Alcohol and Substance Abuse Rehab center in Orange County on his own.

The staff at the center were compassionate and understanding, and they helped Mike to understand the root of his addiction. Mike underwent treatment and learned how to deal with his stress and emotions in a healthy way.

After several months of treatment, Mike was ready to go back to his old life. He was determined to stay sober and make a change. He found a new job and started to rebuild his relationships with his family and friends. He also joined a support group for people in recovery and made new friends who understood what he was going through.

Mike’s journey to recovery was not easy, but he was proud of himself for taking the first step and seeking help. He realized that the most important thing was to be true to himself and to live life on his own terms. He was finally at peace with himself and was happy for the first time in a long time.

Why Did Mike Choose Zoe?

At Zoe, we’ve had patients come to us for every reason you can imagine. From recommendations given by other treatment centers to referrals from a friend or family member.

For Mike, the process of choosing Zoe was extremely easy. He just Googled “Addiction Therapy Near Me”, and Zoe Behavioral Health came up first. He was glad it did. Because after he got on the phone with the intake staff, he arrived at his detox center in a matter of hours.

This is what we’re all about. At Zoe, we want to make sure you get the help you need as soon as you make the decision to do so. Because we know how easy it can be to change your mind after your cravings return. In Mike’s case, that meant changing his environment as soon as possible.

Mike’s Alcohol & Drug Treatment

When Mike came to Zoe, he was expecting to be with us for only 30 days. But he ended up staying for much longer. In fact, he decided to complete a whole course of treatment with Zoe.

This, he says, is because he finally felt at home here. Mike made friends, which began to feel like family. He says he felt welcomed and like he was a part of something, which, as you’ll recall, he struggled to do before coming to alcohol rehab in Orange County.

Here’s a quick look at each stage of Mike’s treatment.


Detox is when the body gets rid of any remaining traces of drugs or alcohol in the system. It begins adjusting to functioning without those substances on which it has become dependent.

Detoxing can be dangerous. When you’ve been abusing drugs or alcohol seriously, there can be various side effects to suddenly stopping. Some of these may be life-threatening.

This is why Zoe always recommends completing your detox in a professional facility. It doesn’t have to be ours. But it’s much better to be safe than sorry when you’re dealing with your health.

Residential Rehab

After rehab, Mike completed a full residential rehab program at Zoe Behavioral Health. This is when he got to work individually with therapists, complete group treatments, and get the support he needed to move on from the root causes of his addiction.

Residential rehab typically takes around 30 days to complete. But this can vary based on the type of program you decide to pursue and how you respond to the treatment while receiving it.

Residential rehab is the cornerstone of your recovery process. Without it, Mike would’ve struggled to make the progress that he ultimately went on to achieve.


Once completing rehab, Mike began a PHP / IOP plan. This is when you begin transitioning back out into the real world while still receiving a significant amount of treatment.

Basically, you spend your days in a treatment center working with therapists, participating in group treatments, and receiving other kinds of support. Then, at night, you’re free to go back to your home and sleep in your own bed.

This kind of aftercare is something that many people in substance abuse recovery choose to pursue. The transition back into normalcy can feel abrupt after rehab, and taking on too much freedom at once is never a good idea. Options like a PHP or IOP help to keep you on track during this critical phase of your healing journey.

Mike’s Rehab Challenges

Mike went on to achieve all of the goals that he set for himself when beginning the rehab process. But the road to get there wasn’t easy. Everyone faces different challenges during their rehab journey.

For Mike, it was hard to open up about how he was feeling. This can make it very hard to make progress during rehab because honesty is one of the cornerstones of any recovery process.

Thankfully, Mike says, the staff at Zoe helped him come out of his shell. They encouraged him to share and be open about his experiences in his group meetings.

Now, he says, he knows that expressing how he feels doesn’t make him any less of a man. Mike says he feels confident sharing how he’s feeling in front of anybody now, and this is no longer an issue for him.

What Advice Would Mike Give to Others Considering Drug & Alcohol Treatment?

Mike never thought he needed rehab. He always thought it was other people who had the problem, not him. But after coming to Zoe and going through a full treatment program, he says he’s realized there’s so much more to life than abusing drugs and alcohol.

Mike has found happiness and serenity that he didn’t know he could before treatment began. He also says that he’s still able to do what he loves, and he enjoys those things more now that he’s not abusing alcohol or cocaine during them.

Find Your Own Success Story with Alcohol Rehab in Orange County

Mike’s story is a reminder that anyone can overcome their addiction with the right support and resources. Regardless of whether or not you have the help of others, you have the power to make a change in your life and find happiness and fulfillment.
Mike’s main advice to people in his situation is that if he can do it, you can do it. You just have to be willing to power through some tough times to get there.

If you’re thinking about recovery for yourself or a family member, let Mike’s story be the motivation you need to get started today. Zoe’s intake staff is standing by to answer your questions, help you learn more about the treatment process, and get you started as soon as possible, just as we did for Mike.

So why wait? Inquire about starting your drug and alcohol rehab journey today.