Outpatient Rehab Lake Forest

ZOE Behavioral Health is your best choice for outpatient rehab in Lake Forest. Our staff consists of specialized rehab experts who can create a tailored treatment plan to facilitate your recovery. We provide effective therapies, including occupational, physical, and detox, to help patients recover from illnesses. Our facility has been saving lives and restoring families from drug abuse for many years.

Quality Services

The addiction treatment specialists at ZOE Behavioral Health have developed one of the most trusted and comprehensive outpatient rehab programs. Our Lake Forest addiction treatment center provides addiction therapy and integrated services for associated mental health problems and recovery management. Our addiction specialist focuses on providing patients with the quality services they need to heal and regain control of their lives.

Treatment Programs that Work

A distinct feature of our Lake Forest rehab is tailored treatment programs that work. We used evidence-backed scientific methods to give patients the results they need. Most of the patients discharged from our treatment centers in Lake Forest report sustained abstinence from substance abuse.

Caters to Patients’ Specific Needs

At ZOE Behavioral Health, we focus on determining the specific needs of our patients and providing tailored services to meet those needs. As a person struggling with addiction, your goal should be to look for the right outpatient rehab for your specific needs. Our Lake Forest rehab centers provide a wide range of therapies to help patients overcome substance abuse.

Our addiction specialists understand that underlying mental health issues may cause substance abuse. Therefore, we do not treat chemical dependency as an isolated health problem. Instead, we aim to address the underlying health issues that may be causing substance abuse when treating patients.

We aim to empower patients to achieve sustained recovery by providing comprehensive services designed to help them overcome the obstacles preventing them from staying sober.

Unmatched Expertise

ZOE Behavioral Health has the expertise you need to help you or a loved one overcome substance abuse. Each patient under our care is assigned an experienced multi-disciplinary care team. In addition, our outpatient program has on-site doctors, nurses, psychologists, case managers, and addiction specialists working together to develop, assess, and adjust patients’ treatment plans. Our staff consists of licensed, trained, and experienced professionals.

ZOE Behavioral Health provides a wide range of outpatient rehab services, including individual, group, and family therapy, medication management, and diagnostic services.

Patient and Family-Centered Care

Our patients do not receive passive treatment. Instead, they actively participate in their treatment. Our patients work in close collaboration with experienced addiction specialists, who incorporate their feedback and preferences into treatment. We make patients feel accountable and responsible for their actions, enabling them to take ownership of their treatment. Our addiction specialists appreciate the courage and unique perspectives of patients.

Drug and alcohol treatment in Lake Forest helps families too. We understand that addiction affects patients and their families, which is why we offer family programs to guide and support families affected by substance abuse. The family programs are available to anyone, even those who do not have family members on substance dependence treatment.

We have helped many individuals and families overcome substance abuse, and we can help you too. Please contact ZOE Behavioral Health for 24/7 admissions: (866) 507-1048


Outpatient Rehab Lake Forest

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Outpatient Rehab Lake Forest

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