Detox Center Lake Forest

Zoe Behavioral Health is a highly sought-after detox center in Lake Forest with customized treatments and a well-trained team of clinicians. Here are the top five things to consider before choosing a detox center:

1. Look for low relapse rates

Make sure to choose a Lake Forest addiction treatment center with low relapse rates. With proper detox treatment, you are less vulnerable to relapse and have a better chance of attaining and maintaining sobriety in the long term. At our Lake Forest rehab, we create customized detox plans for each patient after a thorough evaluation of their physical and mental health and addiction history.

2. Dedicated staff team

Most treatment centers in Lake Forest operate without a trained or experienced clinical team. You must check the profiles of the staff members before committing to a rehab facility. Receiving medical care, support, and mentoring from a skilled clinical team can help you attain a successful and comprehensive recovery from addiction and help you maintain it in the long term after the rehab treatment. We are one of the few Lake Forest rehab centers with a highly educated and experienced team of physicians, RNs, behavioral therapists, and psychiatrists. Our clinicians offer around-the-clock medical care to our recovering addicts and play an integral role in their journeys towards sobriety.

3. Customized treatment plan

You must undergo customized drug and alcohol treatment in Lake Forest for optimal success with recovery. A cookie-cutter approach hardly ever when it comes to treating addiction or co-occurring mental health problems. Make sure to join a facility that tailors its treatments and therapies to accommodate each patient's unique medical needs and recovery goals. Ranked among the top detox centers in Lake Forest, we modify our procedure based on the substance abused, length of addiction, presence of co-occurring mental disorders, and several other factors. Our tailor-made addiction programs not only ensure a safe recovery but also reduce our patients' long-term risk for relapse.

4. Reputation for the highest success rates

Look at a rehab center's reviews on Google, social media websites, and other online directories. Testimonials and reviews from past clients are an excellent way to determine a rehab facility's efficacy. Make sure to join a rehab facility with a reputation for the highest success rates and lowest dropout rates.

5. Integrative treatment approach

By joining a detox-only treatment center, you may be limiting your chances of recovery. You must consider a rehab that follows a combination of medical detox, counseling, behavioral therapies, and support group sessions to address addiction. An integrative treatment plan is crucial to help patients embrace sobriety and attain improved mental wellness.

Contact Zoe Behavioral at (866) 507-1048 to join our detox center in Lake Forest. We offer individual care and personal attention to each of our patients during detox, ensuring they attain a safe, speedy, and comprehensive recovery. 

Detox Center Lake Forest

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Detox Center Lake Forest

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